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by Gone71
Scandinavian Tree Poster

Introducing our “Trees of Northern Europe” poster. This digital educational poster is the perfect addition to any nature lover, tree enthusiast, or Scandinavian enthusiast’s collection.

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Facts about the ‘Trees of Northern Europe’ poster

The poster features an array of vibrant, illustrated trees commonly found in Northern Europe, accompanied by their English, German, Swedish, Finnish as well as Scientific names. From the towering Norway spruce to the graceful birch tree, this poster showcases the diversity and beauty of the trees that thrive in this region.

This poster will not only add a touch of natural beauty to any room, but it will also serve as a valuable learning tool for nature enthusiasts, botanists, and anyone interested in the flora of Northern Europe. Discover the unique characteristics of each tree species with this comprehensive and visually stunning poster.

Trees of Northern Europe | Poster Detail

List of trees included in this poster

1. White birch | Moor-Birke | Glasbjörk | Hieskoivu | (Betula pubescens)
2. Dwarf birch | Zwerg-Birke | Dvärgbjörk | Vaivaiskoivu | (Betula nana)
3. Ash | Esche | Ask | Saarni | (Fraxinus excelsior)
4. European larch | Lärche | Lärk | Euroopanlehtikuusi | (Larix decidua)
5. Scots pine | Waldkiefer | Tall | Mänty | (Pinus sylvestris)
6. Pedunculate oak | Stieleiche | Ek | Tammi | (Quercus robur)
7. Silver birch | Hänge-Birke | Vårtbjörk | Rauduskoivu | (Betula pendula)
8. Wych elm | Bergulme | Skogsalm | Vuorijalava | Ulmus glabra
9. European silver fir | Weiß-Tanne | Silvergran | Saksanpihta | (Abies alba)
10. Common juniper | Gemeiner Wacholder | En | Kataja | (Juniperus communis)
11. Sessile oak | Traubeneiche | Bergek | Talvitammi | (Quercus petraea)
12. Small-leaved linden | Winterlinde | Lind | Metsälehmus | (Tilia cordata)
13. Norway spruce | Fichte | Gran | Metsäkuusi | (Picea abies)
14. Rowan | Vogelbeere | Rönn | Kotipihlaja | (Sorbus aucuparia)
15. Common beech | Rotbuche | Bok | Euroopanpyökki | (Fagus sylvatica)
16. European Hornbeam | Hainbuche | (Carpinus betulus)
17. Aspen | Zitterpappel | Asp | Metsähaapa | (Populus tremula)
18. Swedish whitebeam | Schwedische Mehlbeere | Oxel | Ruotsinpihlaja | (Sorbus Intermedia)
19. Sea-buckthorn | Sanddorn | Havtorn | Tyrni | (Hippophaë rhamnoides)
20. Crack willow | Bruch-Weide | Knäckepil| Jokisalva | (Salix fragilis)
21. Goat willow | Salweide | Sälg | Raita | (Salix caprea)
22. Grey willow | Grauweide | Gråvide | Tuhkapaju | (Salix cinerea)
23. Common hazel | Gemeine Hasel | Hassel | Euroopanpähkinäpensas | (Corylus avellana)
24. Black alder | Schwarz Erle | Klibbal | Tervaleppä | (Alnus glutinosa)
25. Norway maple | Spitzahorn | Lönn | Metsävaahtera | (Acer platanoides)
26. Grey alder | Grau-Erle | Gråal | Harmaaleppä | (Alnus incana)
27. Wild cherry | Vogelkirsche | Sötkörsbär | Imeläkirsikka | (Prunus avium)

Trees of Northern Europe | Poster Detail

Scandinavian trees

Trees have long played an essential role in shaping the landscapes and cultures of Northern Europe. With a diverse range of tree species thriving in this region, trees have been both a source of inspiration and a vital resource for the people who call this land their home.

One of the most iconic trees of Northern Europe is the Norway spruce (Picea abies), which is commonly found in the forests of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. This evergreen conifer can reach heights of up to 60 meters (normaly 30-40) and is known for its straight trunk and pyramid-like shape. The Norway spruce has been a vital resource for the people of Northern Europe, providing timber for construction, pulp for paper production, and even as a source of Vitamin C in times of scarcity.

Trees of Northern Europe | Poster Detail

Another beloved tree of Northern Europe is the birch (Betula sp.), which is commonly found in the forests of Scandinavia, Russia, and the Baltic states. The birch is a deciduous tree with distinctive white bark that peels off in thin, papery layers. The birch has a long and rich cultural history in Northern Europe, with its bark being used for everything from shoes to canoes. The birch has also been a symbol of new beginnings and renewal in Nordic folklore and mythology.

In addition to these iconic trees, Northern Europe is home to a diverse range of other tree species, including the European beech (Fagus sylvatica), the Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), and the silver birch (Betula pendula). These trees provide crucial habitat for a wide range of wildlife, from birds to insects, and are integral to the health and functioning of Northern Europe’s ecosystems.

Trees of Northern Europe | Poster Detail

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