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Welcome to Gone 71 N, our travel and photography blog about life in the northern countries. 71 degrees North is the latitude where most roads of this world end.

We believe that the Northern countries of Europe are one of the best travell destinations in the world. Easy access, charming cities and Europes last wilderness got us hooked. We have over 15 years of travel and adventure experiences in roaming the far ends of the world but in the end we always return to the North of Europe.

With our website we want to encourage you to go and see for yourself. Our informative articles give you insights on adventures, travel tips, travel gear, photography and other useful things.

We just started this site and we are workingconstantly on new content. We appreciate every comment and critic and hope you’ll join us on our journey.

Who are we?

We are Sebastian & Iva, living and travelling together since 2005. After roaming the far ends of this world we are now comming back where it all started – the norhtern wilds.

This travel site is the manifestation of our shared love for Scandinavia and Finland. It serves us not only as a platform for our stories but to help you planing your trip and realizing your own dreams.

What to expect?

A quick overview of what you will find on our website:

  • explore live and culture in the North
  • read profoundly researched articles
  • find your travel gear
  • take your child
  • fishing insights
  • plan your adventure

Inspiring photography

Do it yourself!

Get hooked!

Find detailed insights on how to catch your fish in Scandinavia and Finland. No matter if you want to start your fishing career or are already a seasoned pro, here you can find everything on techniques, gear, detinations and culture.

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·       10 fish to catch in the North. Hook up in Finland, Sweden or Norway.

·       Catch a fish in Scandinavia or Finland – a detailed guide

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